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Customer Service VJE

Providing quality service and support to exceed your expectations. VJ Electronix has combined the technical knowledge and service expertise to provide you expert factory authorized service, preventive maintenance and repair on all models of Summit (VJE/SRT) rework and VJ Electronix X-ray equipment.

X-Ray Service

  • Experienced Technicians providing superior support
  • VJ Electronix is the only factory authorized service provider for all Preventative Maintenance, Repair/Service and parts for all models of VJE equipment.

Rework Service

  • Professional, prompt service to meet your schedule
  • At VJE we service all models of SRT and PMT rework equipment including, Summit 750, Summit 1000, Summit 1100, Summit 1100HR, Summit 1800, Summit 2100RS, Summit 2100RD, Summit 2200, Summit LX, PMT-400, VJE 400R, IR-1, IR-2 and IR-4.

PM/Radiation Surveys

  • Annual PM or Service Contracts to meet your requirements and budget
  • VJE provides PM’s (Preventative Maintenance) on all our rework and X-ray inspection equipment to keep your VJE equipment up to factory specification. Safety is always important even more so with X-ray inspection equipment. Safety interlock checks and Radiation Surveys are part of our Annual PM’s on all our X-ray inspection equipment.  Contact us and we can customize annual PM/Service contract to meet your needs and budget.


  • X-Ray and Rework Applications and Process Training
  • We can help you get the most out of your VJE equipment purchase with our customized training classes.  Whether you need operator training, maintenance training or advanced applications/process training, VJE can provide customized training at your site on your equipment or at our training center in Chelmsford, MA. Contact us at electronixservice@vjt.com to get more detail.


We offer a variety of lead-free upgrades to meet your specific requirements. Higher temperature and tighter process requirements of lead-free materials and smaller components demand that your Rework equipment be configured to process these new materials and components. Depending on the age and configuration of your Rework equipment, it may be cost effective to purchase upgrades to your existing equipment and extend the system’s usefulness thereby eliminating the expense of purchasing a new lead-free capable system. Contact us at electronixservice@vjt.com or 978-486-4777, extension 1200 to receive a generic quotation and discuss your specific upgrade requirements.