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Castings Products VJT

VJ Technologies provides a full suite of tools to provide maximum interpretation-quality images of castings in manufacturer and industrial settings. These tools provide fully-flexible system frameworks, configured to meet motion requirements, for users’ operational and workflow specifications. They also allow users to comply with all appropriate standards and specifications within their industries. But perhaps most importantly, they protect the well-being of a manufacturer’s customers who rely on these castings as part of a critical process.


Reduce the Risk. Improve the Quality.

Over 90% of our casting applications revolve around safety.

DR image of an automotive casting  DR image of an aluminum casting
DR image of turbo charger



Reliable Compliance. Improved Imaging.

With innovative mechanical assemblies that include the source, detector and Vi3 software platform, you are in complete command of your inspection.

DR image of an exhaust system

For over 25 years, VJT’s automotive solutions have been used around the world by top industrial manufacturing companies.

Aerospace companies ranging from primes to tier 3 suppliers rely on VJT’s solutions to meet their ever-changing requirements.

Oil and Gas 
With the unique challenges Oil and Gas producers face, the solutions VJT provides is both comprehensive and highly economical, guaranteeing high quality results.

VJT’s extensive experience in castings also help deliver solutions to a multitude of consumer products that have their own unique requirements and quality standards.