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Aerospace VJT

Aerospace manufacturers have some of the most demanding requirements in their production and QA processes. The majority of these requirements fall into 4 major categories:

  • Specifications – primes within the aerospace industry have their own requirements and specifications for quality control. The X-ray system must be able to deliver to these exacting specifications.
  • Traceability – each cast product must be traced throughout the production cycle and have the records kept for several years after production. The X-ray system must have robust and customizable archival capabilities.
  • Quality – as materials get lighter in the aerospace industry, quality requirements get more stringent. The X-ray machine must be capable of detecting small defect sizes reliably and classification of these defects.
  • Compliance – government and manufacturing compliance standards are very strict and demanding in the aerospace industry. Ranging from DICONDE compliance to MAI standards, the X-ray system must comply with all regulations.

VJT offers customized solutions for aerospace manufactures as well as a suite of configurable products and inspection services.