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Automotive VJT

Automotive manufacturers have some of the most demanding requirements in their production and QA processes. The majority of these requirements fall into 4 major categories:

  • Throughput – the X-ray system cannot act as a bottleneck in the production cycle
  • Floor space – The X-ray system must take up as little space as possible because space on the production floor is valuable
  • Reliability – X-ray machine must maintain maximum up-time to continuously run production. Delivery schedules are very important to begin with and delays are not acceptable.
  • Automation – production environments require production levels of automation. The X-ray system typically needs to have ADR, and must tie seamlessly into production lines, communicating with other machines to optimize efficiency

VJT offers customized solutions for automotive manufactures as well as a suite of configurable products and inspection services. The most common systems used by automotive manufactures are broken down in the following matrix:

System Floorspace* Views* Throughput*
ValuCT 1 4 4
Vertex II 2 5 5
C-Arm 3 2 6
RIX/RIX XL 4 3 3
T-Conveyor 5 6 1
In-Line Robotic 6 1 2