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Industrial / Other VJT

The majority of castings cannot be categorized into an easy bucket. These range from consumer products and medical products to agriculture and others. Manufacturers in these industries have a wide variety of requirements for their QA processes, some of which fall into the following major categories:

  • Throughput – the X-ray system cannot act as a bottleneck in the production cycle.
  • Latitude – castings can have varying densities within the same part. Thus, the X-ray system must have the dynamic range and capability to optimally inspect all areas of the part
  • Reliability – X-ray machine must maintain maximum up-time to continuously run production. Delivery schedules are very important to begin with and delays are not acceptable.
  • Floor space – The X-ray system must take up as little space as possible because space on the production floor is valuable
  • Traceability – each cast product must be traced throughout the production cycle and have the records kept for several years after production. The X-ray system must have robust and customizable archival capabilities.

VJT offers customized solutions for castings manufactures as well as a suite of configurable products and inspection services. The most common systems used by manufactures are broken down in the following matrix:

System Floorspace* Views* Throughput*
ValuCT 1 4 4
Vertex 2 5 5
C-Arm 3 2 6
RIX/RIX XL 4 3 3
T-Conveyor 5 6 1
In-Line Robotic 6 1 2