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Oil & Gas VJT

Castings manufacturers in the oil & gas world have a wide variety of requirements for their QA processes. The requirements tend to fall into one or more of the following 4 major categories:

  • Throughput – the X-ray system cannot act as a bottleneck in the production cycle.
  • Quality – most oil & gas castings manufacturers have to follow and apply multiple quality standards on their parts. The X-ray machine must be capable of inspecting the parts to any and all of these quality standards.
  • Latitude – castings in the oil & gas world can have varying densities within the same part. Thus, the X-ray system must have the dynamic range and capability to optimally inspect all areas of the part
  • Reliability – X-ray machine must maintain maximum up-time to continuously run production. Delivery schedules are very important to begin with and delays are not acceptable.

VJT offers customized solutions for oil & gas manufactures as well as a suite of configurable products and inspection services.