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Custom Solutions VJT

Custom Solutions for 100% of Your Requirements

We listen to you and work with you to achieve the results you need

Our fully-custom approach to NDT provides imaging solutions that meet your exact requirements

Take full control of your inspection with our innovative Vi3 software suite

Confidence delivered to you through solutions that reduce workload and training cost

Over 30 Years of Delivering Accuracy and Performance


We have developed the relationships, expertise and state-of-the art inspection tools to deliver the perfect system that meets your project’s requirements, processes and budget.

VJT’s incredible imaging toolsets and ability to develop proprietary, custom and configurable solutions is what makes VJ Technologies the best in the Industry.

Join VJT and find your perfect solution


Custom Solutions: An Investment For the Future


Invest now for your future with a custom solution just for you.

Our systems provide a return-on-investment (ROI) that emerges soon after installation

Our technology brings you:

  • Faster Imaging for Increased Throughput
  • Compatibility with Existing Database Structures
  • More Accurate NDT for Improved Quality
  • The Ability to Design Around Existing Physical Plant Requirements
  • Support for Existing Handling Requirements


Detect all defects with our imaging software and provide greater safety for your company, employees and your customers.


Join Us Now in Creating Your Success


We grow our relationship with our clients and are proud to collaborate and combine our expertise.

As a result, an optimal system is created that leverages existing workflow or establishes a completely new, better and more efficient one.

Wide Range of Applications

Hazardous Material
VJT understands that risk reduction is paramount in an NDT system for hazardous materials.

VJT has developed many HAZMAT applications that is designed for safety as well as imaging.


Assets subject to corrosion require a unique approach VJT provides.

The dynamics of their geometry, physical characteristics and their environmental surroundings are critical factors in wall thickness, elevation, pipe length and material for the product in use.



Consumer Products
VJT custom solutions are reliable and quick which allow production of millions of products a year.


Facilities (new construction)
Allow us to help you design and construct the most durable, integrated turnkey X-ray inspection facilities in the world.


Mobile Inspection Lab
Inspect parts in different environments with this in-house service that is designed to meet your imaging and inspection requirements.