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Consumer Products VJT

High-Speed Inspection for High-Demand Consumer Products


Fully automated and fast integrated NDT solutions based on your specific requirements

Our custom approach means we meet all industry and internal quality specifications.

Applications We Provide for You

  • Foreign Contaminant inspection
  • Particle imaging inspection
  • Fill Level Detection
  • Packaging Consistency

Higher Speed. For Higher Quality.

VJT understands your brand is the most important asset you have.

From man-made defect selections that become fully automated quality assurance processes, VJT systems learns your requirements.

Achieve the following with VJT’s systems:

  • Minimize Potential Litigation Risk
  • Reduce FTE Labor Costs
  • Produce Higher Throughput with Better Quality Imaging
  • Provide Detection Levels up to a 6 Sigma Rate


Innovating Inspection


Unique Dual Energy technology allows you to inspect two unique energies.

Use Vi3 software to detect both fill levels and contaminants.