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Hazardous Materials VJT

HAZMAT: Special Handling for Special Materials


HAZMAT accounts for over 25% of our business

Our recognized leadership in hazardous material imaging and analysis has reduced cost on handling and storage for our customers

We understand the risk involved and have designed systems for safety and imaging

Pioneering New Standards


VJT’s expertise has helped shape and test both domestic and international standards.

As a result, companies gain benefits when collaborating with us.

Our systems inspect virtually every size and configuration of waste and adhere to nuclear industries strict requirements.

Real Time Radioscopy

Developed around specific customer requirements, our vaults are built lead filled steel construction or of structural concrete. We also supply systems for use in existing customer shielded facilities and where necessary, we use special metals such as nickel, chromium and stainless steel to mitigate risk and enhance image quality. When our systems are used as part of a retrieval project to clear a nuclear site of waste, the vault can easily be removed upon completion.


Our system is capable of using energies ranging from 200 kilovolts to 15 megavolts, digital area array imagers, proven mechanical handling equipment, and Vi3 software to detect “free liquids” in waste.

X-Ray Vaults are designed to ensure shielding and satisfy specific customer requirements

Obtain detailed automated analysis of composition and contents of large and high-density containers with High Energy Computed Tomography (HE-CT) and the latest reconstruction and viewing software platforms

Waste Stabilization, Retrieval and Repackaging

Our expertise enables us to develop, demonstrate and patent solutions for the stabilization, characterization, size reduction, removal and repackaging of buried nuclear waste.

Remove buried nuclear waste through cost effective and efficient methods. We have developed, demonstrated and patented solutions for stabilizing, characterizing, size reduction, removal and repackaging of this waste.

Nuclear Fuel Inspection


We provide the highest level of quality control through our systems.

Our Systems scan the length and inspect final closure welds of fuel rods.

Our systems assure that fuel pellets are properly placed and components aligned.

Precise Level Measurement Systems

Our customized level measurement systems are in use throughout the United States and France. Precise measurements guaranteed through our custom level measurement systems for your fuel processing applications.  

See through stainless-steel containers quickly and easily for measuring fill levels with our Vi3 Software.

Our customized level measurement systems are used all over the United States and France