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Military VJT

Proud to Serve Those Who Serve

There are few places where precision and safety is more important than in defense and military applications. From munitions and motors, to propellants and aircraft, VJT is a trusted supplier of NDT systems to armed forces and military contractors around the world. We adhere to the most stringent quality practices as well as all known security protocols including International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Go Beyond Products. To Possibilities.

VJT is committed to best-in-class imaging that is both compliant to all known standards and meets requirements for optimized throughput. We are proud to be the only systems provider to provide full spectrum testing capabilities from 9 KeV to 15 MeV.Our focus on your goals and requirements is what sets us apart. We don’t look at a catalogue of products to see what might fit. We look at a wide range of proprietary tools assembled over 25 years. We have the knowhow and the relationships to select the correct combination of suppliers to meet your specific requirements.

Although security restrictions limit the amount of information VJT can divulge about its military applications, we can reveal that we work with several international government agencies and private industry OEMs.

Greater Economy. Greater Efficiency. Greater Results.

VJT provides the consistency necessary to eliminate malfunctions and mitigate risks in complex applications. Whether it’s a brand new solution or an upgrade to an older inspection process, you can be confident that you are delivering your end users the highest quality products possibleWe seamlessly meet your needs with innovative mechanical designs paired with a perfect combination of sources and detectors. No matter the material used, the Vi3 software platform puts you in command of every aspect of the inspection, from work process and motion control to image acquisition, analysis and archiving. VJT’s expertise provides an inspection environment that reduces workload and training costs, while bringing you the highest throughput and sensitivity in the industry.

Cutting Edge Technology for Cutting Edge Quality

VJT offers cutting edge answers to your most important inspection requirements. Our advanced, highly-adaptive Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) environment moves closer to artificial intelligence with each upgrade we create. ADR learns about your parts and defects as it compiled data from images taken. It then uses that data to provide continuous improvement to automated inspection systems. ADR removes the human element of fatigue from the inspection process adding repeatability and reliable, predictable results; qualities highly valued and critical to the industry today.

VJT NDT Offers Military Manufacturers

  • Faster Inspection for Higher Throughput
  • Smaller Footprint for More Efficient Use of Floor Space
  • Green Operation with No Chemicals or Heavy Metals
  • Lower Training and Labor Costs
  • Greater Reliability and Predictability
  • Higher Product Quality and Fewer Errors

Unique Solutions for Unique Applications

You can see the difference in VJ Technologies from the moment we engage with you. Our focus is on your applications, instead of our catalog or inventory. Our fully-custom approach to NDT provides imaging solutions that seamlessly meet your exact requirements, as well as all applicable quality and security standards. Our equipment can also be reconfigured for use on future projects after your current program has been completed.


VJ Technologies brings enhanced safety, speed and accuracy to the inspection of munitions. We provide the consistency necessary to eliminate malfunctions and mitigate risks in complex munitions.

Propellants and Motors

VJT brings you a proven track record of quantifiable, qualifiable, repeatable, and reliable results, along with easy, seamless integration into your propellant and motor inspection process.


Safety is an obligation in aviation. VJT helps meet that obligation with systems that produce reliable, consistent inspection of critical parts.