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Vi3 Image Processing VJT

From Better Data to Better Analysis to Better Parts

Digital X-ray images can produce more than 65,000 levels of gray. This presents a unique challenge in data analysis and interpretation. Traditional film imaging requires multiple pieces of film to be shot at different energies, film speeds and exposure times, as well as interpretation on a light box, to bring out all the details of a part under inspection. By comparison, our digital image captures more data, a full spectrum image, for improved manipulation and enhancement. The challenge of deciphering the image is more effectively met by VJT image processing and enhancement. Some of the unique modular filters that VJT has developed include:

Advanced Defect Enhancement (ADE) Filter Analyzes individual x-ray images on a pixel-by-pixel level with a proprietary algorithm to highlight anomalies and defects based upon the surrounding area.

Raw image / ADE image

Contrast and brightness stretching / ADE image

Advanced Noise Reduction (ANR) Filter Removes noise introduced into an image through scatter, low photon counts, and similar occurrences without the removal of faint characteristics or defects within the image.


Raw image / ADE image


ADE image / image of noise reduction

Advanced Crack Detection (ACD) Filter A variation of the ADE filter adapted to the detection of cracks and crack-like indications.


Raw image of munitions looking for base gap detection / Base Gap Detection with ACD Filter


Raw image of munitions looking for base gap detection / Base Gap Detection with ACD Filter


X-ray 2.0: The Future of X-ray Inspection is Now


Our unique suite of proprietary image processing filters are customizable and configurable to meet any application. From highlighting porosity within a casting, to the detection of a tungsten inclusion in a weld, or discovering a foreign particle in a jar of baby food, Vi3 filters improve product quality and enhance product safety.

Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) Software An industry standard for automated inspection, ADR enables the VJT system to analyze X-ray images, detect flaws and judge parts (either operator-assisted or fully-automated) for production with peace-of-mind

Acquired image of pipe fitting with region of interest defined for ADR

32 - ADR picking out defect with measurement of area UPDATE

ADR picking out defect with measurement of area

This is just a sampling of the specialized filters available from VJ Technologies. Contact us with your specific requirements.