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Computed Tomography VJT

More Capabilities. Better Solutions

VJ Technologies offers you the highest level of technical expertise in Computed Tomography (CT) available today. We can bring your organization optimal, ASTM-approved, custom systems to meet one-hundred percent of your requirements for this challenging application, including High Energy CT and micro focus CT. VJT can accomplish projects other providers simply can’t or won’t accept. VJT also offers a “Value CT” solution in our C-Arm system approach that combines high-quality and affordable pricing to common applications.

VJ Technologies offers these CT technologies:

  • Standard Cone Beam CT
  • Helical
  • Slice CT
  • Range Extension
  • Translate rotate

Casting scan showing porosity


Visualise in 3D Volumetric


VJ Technologies CT allows you to view and analyze the three-dimensional structure of the object being inspected. The VJT approach to CT combines our advanced VJT image acquisition/capture capability with our Vi3 image processing software suite.

With typical 3D applications, it is necessary to record multiple views to achieve 3D images. This approach is both cost and time-prohibitive. VJT offers a hybrid solution that uses DR for most functions while layering CT capability when necessary on that same platform and system. This seamless approach saves time, money and is all part of the power of our Vi3 software suite.

CT reconstruction of an automotive knuckle


3D isometric view of an electronic component


Seasoned CT Experts



3D isometric view of a coil

Thought Leadership

  • VJT collaborated with the Fraunhofer Research Institute in Germany to create and integrate software and technology for projects that include the European Space Agency
  • VJT worked with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to take CT technologies to the next level, as well as solve some of today’s greatest NDT challenges.

CT image slice of a medical device

Case Studies

  • The British Institute of NDT published an article about the VJT CT capability. It described how VJT enabled US military personnel to inspect one-hundred percent of a munitions production run, with an inspection time for each item of less than 60 seconds. Read Case Study >>
  • VJT was tasked to inspect the aft skirt of the booster rocket of the NASA Space Shuttle after retrieval. Since this huge conical structure was too big for inspection while mounted on the rocket, VJT developed a proprietary tomosynthesis solution to inspect the part. This innovative CT technique allowed parts to be inspected while a 3D reconstruction of the image was used to identify defects in the structure layer by layer.